• Canbor VR- Virtual Reality 3D Headset With Remote Controller for iPhone, Samsung, Sony & More

    • The remote for iphone just can control previous and next, pause and play, because IOS is a closed system. Any normal remote controller for iphone compatibility is not very good. If you read the instruction it will be easy for you.
    • Compatible with Hundred os phone such as iPhone X, XR, XS, Max, Samsung s7, s8, s9, Note, LG, HTC and more


    Color: Black

    Size: 195 x 100 x 90 mm

    Weight: About 9.9 oz (280g)

    Recommend resolution: 1080 P

    Material: ABS + PMMA + Polyester, synthetic leather

    Package contents:

    1 x Canbor VR headset,1 x Remote controller, 1 x user manual, 1 x cleaning cloth, 1 x Black light shield plate

    Please note:

    1. When playing 3D games, it is recommended to purchase a professional game-specific remote control.

    2. The sense of impression and immersion depends on the size of the smartphone and the video resolution. When choosing video, 3D VR exclusive video is necessary, and 2D video is not compatible. 1080P resolution or higher are recommended.

    3. Use 3D video in two-screen mode, rectangular screen not elliptical.

    4. Please don’t use the VR headset continuously for more than 2 hours.

    5. Please be sure to sit down when using. Canbor VR will be best one for you.

  • Destek V4 VR, 103° Field of View, HD Virtual Reality Headset Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XR, MAX and Samsung S8, S9, S10

    • Eye Protected Anti-blue lightweight HD Lenses – Eye-protected lenses with uncomparable clarity build VR movies a visible expertise such as world-renowned IMAX. DESTEK V4 can continually ensure you have got the most effective seat in your non-public theatre where you actually area unit.
    • Additional vice fun with Bluetooth Remote Controller – Fly over the ocean and plenty of terrains through completely different levels of difficulty; Avoid all of the enemies or just destroy them to beat the record; Complete the mission of inspecting around a deserted planet to examine whether or not a life for the individuals there’s in the slightest degree potential.We have a video of this item installation operation, please see all-time low of the most image.
    • Easily Adjustable – The face artifact manufactured from soft animal skin makes your skin feel snug and permits you to look at longer while not irritation. the pinnacle strap has upward nine degrees of adjustment to stop the strap from touching your ears whereas relieving pressure on your head and nose. The object/pupil distance will be adjusted singly to induce clearest read while not your own glasses (even for customers with shortsightedness beneath 600°, hyperopia beneath 300° or astigmatic beneath 100°).
    • In Shortly Protect your eyes with HD lens, More gaming fun with bluetooth remote controller and trigger. Can share with whole family- easily adjustable to iPhone, Huawei, samsung, LG, HTC.

    More Destek VR

  • HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset

    • Hi-res headphones, 3D spatial Audio and active noise cancellation make your virtual experience more enthralling than ever.
    • Steam VR 2.0 following – From seated to standing to full 20’ x 20’ room-scale. Ideal for multi-user environments for sub-millimeter following accuracy.
    • High Resolution show – Dual-OLED displays with trade leading resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels for alone visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures.
    • VIVE hunter system – Expand business use cases by adding real-life objects to VIVE hunter conveyance the thing into your virtual simulation. Ideal for motion capture, automotive, part or significant instrumentality simulation.
    • VIVEPORT Subscription enclosed – fancy up to ten games throughout your free trial. Note: VIVE professional HMD doesn’t embrace controllers, base stations or VIVE wireless adapter.

      Headset Specs-

    • Screen: Dual AMOLED 3.5” diagonal
    • Resolution: 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined).
    • Refresh rate: 90hz
    • Field Of View: 110 degrees.
    • Connections: USB-C 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2, Bluetooth.
    • Sensors: SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, IPD sensor.
  • Oculus Rift Plus Touch Virtual Reality System

    • The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality System that completely immerse you inside virtual worlds.
    • Get six free titles, including Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried and toybox.
    • Rift ultra low latency tracking offers unparalleled immersion.
    • NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater graphics card and a RAM of 8GB+ RAM.
    • Operating system: windows 10.
  • Pansonite Vr Headset with Remote Controller

    • The Pansonite VR Headset has a great build and design. This is the perfect vr accessories for gaming.
    • It is eye protecting and comfortable. HD resin aspherical lens are updated to be more smooth & purified. It can completely eliminate the feel of vertigo and provide you high resolution imaging and the color virtual event.
    • It has soft and breathable leather padding keeps you feeling good even after hours watching. The small volume and lightweight gives you lots comfort while using or carrying.
    • Fits almost smartphones & Apps- Comfortably fits android phones and other smartphones with a screen size within 4.7 to 6.0 inches.
  • PlayStation VR

    • Advanced VR Display – Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second
    • 3D Audio Technology – 3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you’ll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you.
  • Samsung Gear VR with Controller

    • 360 degree immersion with a wide 101 degree field of view.
    • Be transported to amazing new world VR. Intuitive controller to drop, point , select and drag.
    • Controller strap. 2X AAA battery.
    • Compatible with samsung galaxy S6, S7, S8, S8+, galaxy notes and further.
    • Game Changer: Steer in VR karts, pilot your ship in end space or battle in multiplayer mode.
  • Sony PlayStation VR Headset Plus Camera Bundle

    • It is an affordable introduction to quality VR which offers great games and immersive experience.
    • The PlayStation VR headset will make you forget that you wearing something, keeping you free from distraction as you explore new gaming world.
    • 120hz, 90 hz
    • 100 degree field of view.


    • Vr headset x1
    • Processor unit x1
    • Vr headset connection cable x1
    • HDMI cable x1, USB cable x 1,
    • Ac power cord x1
    • Ac adapter x1
    • Stereo Headphone x 1.

    Sony VR PlayStation


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